A Weight Off Your Shoulders

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Tune in to KDNK tomorrow Tuesday (5/6/2014) at 4:30PM for “A Weight Off Your Shoulders.” This is live. I will be interviewing Barry Chapman, a master of meditation and Gong Meditation, amongst the many types of healing spiritual arts he does. We will explore how to use the mind to heal. Be one with the world, tune in and call in 963-2976 with your questions. I am a personal trainer, and I interview many people in the fitness world.
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20 second, one minute, four minute and ten minute workouts, Facts and Foolish

Recently, I came across some really goofy stuff concerning the duration of work outs and their efficacy. A twenty second work out! This is a cruel joke on the unsuspecting. http://abcnews.go.com/Nightline/video/20-second-workout-fitness-23046660, First of all, if you are looking to  something like this as the way to exercise, you are almost certainly already in a physical and state of health, disaster zone. Healthy people do not look for this kind of nonsense, because it does not work, period. Now when the record holding gold medalist Usain Bolt sprints a 200 meter race in 20 seconds or less, he probably blasts through about 200 calories. At thirty miles an hour he is burning 36 times as much energy every second than you do on a per pound basis, when you are jogging or running at 5 miles per hour, and burns through six times as many calories as you do over the SAME DISTANCE, due to the laws of physics. The reason I mention this is, you are not Usain Bolt.  When I sprint the same distance, I only burn 2/3 the amount of energy or calories as Bolt does on a per pound basis, and on a per pound basis Bolt burns 2.25 times as much energy on a per second basis. I would have to maintain the same speed over a 267meter distance to burn just as many calories. The 5 MPH runner would have to run three fourths of a mile, to burn as many calories and take 13 minutes to finish. How does 13 minutes compare to 20 seconds? This should encourage you to run faster and exercise with greater intensity, whatever type of exercise you are doing. This is the good part. Now the caution flags.

This brings up the other point in the form of a question, of this message: How do you do this without a warm up as indicated by some of these “programs?” The answer is you can’t unless a greatly increased risk of death is unimportant to you. Bolt warms up and you are probably not as good as Bolt. I warm up too for that distance and or that time frame. Guess what, you just pushed your exercise time out to about ten minutes before you do one quality 20 second effort (30 seconds is more likely to get your heart rate into the sweet spot in the beneficial zone for rapid cardio vascular improvement). If running is all you do, the absolute minimum time frame to get very good results is about 25 to thirty minutes, and running is the most efficient way to do this type of exercise, substituting any of your running with any other form of exercise will be less efficient and therefore take more time. Adding strength training, which you should do and range of motion exercises, ending with a stretching meditative cool down brings you to about one hour.

Tabata training, which is getting a lot of press in the fitness journals and trade magazines, is set to a four minute frame, but with the rest to work ratios, some trainers mistakenly see as set in stone, DOES NOT PEAK YOUR SPEED OR POWER OR STRENGTH. Additionally the first Tabata effort will be the only one done at a very high level and because of the speed element involved, will require a warm up to do safely to reduce injury or heart attack (heart attacks induced by high intensity exercise or efforts are usually fatal, since the body is in a deep state of oxygen deprivation and need, including cardiac tissue, http://healthland.time.com/2011/03/22/occasional-sex-or-exercise-can-trigger-heart-attacks-—-so-do-it-more-often/).

To peak, you must visit the extremes of your ability many times, anywhere from 5 or 6 times to 13 times in a session, three times a week. This is also the fastest way to increase your cardio-vascular fitness. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/09/130920094629.htm.

Regardless of what anyone says, researchers and doctors are far behind personal trainers and coaches when it comes to understanding the application of exercise to get optimal fitness. Their research is however critical to future understanding, since they are able to test what is happening in a laboratory setting, although no treadmill is up to task when it comes to the sprint start and top end speed. Personal trainers and coaches look to research for confirmation or refutation of training techniques. This of course is dialectic. New refinements are then added to or subtracted from the orthodox methods, step by step.

The lesson: No exercise plan will work if it is too short, high intensity exercise requires a warm up if reducing your chances of injury or fatal heart attack are of interest to you, and you should do some strength training to compliment whatever your favorite mode of exercise is.

Edward Troy, personal trainer


Planet Fitness Is No Place To Get Fit

Will that be pepperoni or extra cheese? I imagine that could be a question for you at a Planet Fitness front desk. This seems as though this should be a joke, or some other form of humor, but is absolutely real. Planet Fitness has a great business model. This is not a suggestion that this model has a road to fitness in a Planet Fitness facility. In fact, as a hypothetical patron does get fit, raises their ability to work out, and their body begins to function normally, by sweating to stay cool, less clothing may actually be the answer to exercise stopping heat exhaustion. Clearly, pizza nights and bagel breakfasts, indicate a serious disdain for patrons health and fitness. Kicking people out because they have become fit enough to sweat, get hot and or learned how to synchronize their breathing to their efforts, should be offensive to anyone seriously trying to get fit, whether they are losing weight or not, as a part of their exercise plan.

Click here to see the story — (http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/oddnews/gym-tells-woman-to-cover-up-because-her-‘toned-body’-intimidated-others-211926273.html?vp=1)

This is a business to be sure, but in no way can be construed as a business dedicated to health and fitness. The model does not preclude a pizza parlor (or other junk “food” outlet, I have extreme trouble calling pizza food) including occasional exercise. The otherwise inspiring television show, “Biggest Loser,” should be ashamed and embarrassed by the association. If a lack of fitness is the main reason your health is in trouble, then I suggest you get to a gym with professional personal trainers, other fitness professionals and policies conducive to improving your health. As a personal trainer, I find Planet Fitness, with it’s current policies, a disgrace to the concept of health and is no place to get fit. I can only hope Biggest Loser disabuses themselves of this association, as long as Planet Fitness has these policies.

Edward Troy, personal trainer



A Weight Off Your shoulders

Tuesday March 4th at 4:30PM MST on KDNK (www.KDNK.org), I interview Megan Reilly the TAC Fit gym manager, part of The Aspen Clinic. Megan is a fitness veteran, skier, and formerly worked at the Snowmass Club. She is great to work with at TAC Fit!

Edward Troy


Is Loaded Movement Training the Future of Fitness?

Is Loaded Movement Training the Future of Fitness? This article is truly an excellent guide for trainers, who want to be on the cutting edge of fitness, that want to deliver a product and results that allow people to be in life. I have been training my self this way since 1984, and clients this way since 2009. This is at odds with how the body builder personal trainers do things. While my clients can jump into most outdoor sporting events and activities without worry, the body builder carrying superfluous body mass, can’t even think of “going for it.” They are never seen, except in the gym, and unfortunately for performance parameters, frequently in machines. Body building has no place in performance athletic events.

I disagree on the use of barbells, and how useful they are for fascial conditioning, as long as they are used for explosive lifts. We use dumb bells, barbells, body bars, medicine balls, heavy bags, bicycles, ripcore fx, the track and more. Last year a 5′ 10″ 55 year old power cleaned 225, while weighing 215, and then jerked it, and in the same year sprinted a 27 second 200 meter dash, was challenged by weight lifter friends to Romanian dead lift 315, and did it 5 times! This is a lift he hardly ever does, yet could do it on demand. His friends are at least 15 years younger and are more than 25% more massive, and the challengers are not obese people.

My clients jump into all kinds of activities, sports and events from cross country skiing, alpine skiing, white water rafting, fight sports, scale 14ers, adventure racing, tennis and more. I have a 115 lb. very small framed girl, able to take two 40 lb. dumb bells overhead from the floor and does adventure racing, with no pure distance running (another topic for discussion).

Traditional strength training, with a focus on concentric movement, is confined to an occasional set or two, and is never more than an adjunct modality for fitness. The tried and “true” classic “power” (a true misnomer) lifts have their place, just not a big place. In fact, all types of weight lifting take less than 15 minutes, out of an hour of training. I prefer to use my Integrated Full Body Athletic Movement system (IFBAM). I rejuvenate my clients, and they are able to perform amazingly well.

My question for the reader is; why would you still use antiquated and anachronistic training for inferior results, weight loss, health and fitness performance? Get a trainer who can train you to do something athletic and cool, something you can brag about, look at what I did.

I want to congratulate Pete McCall, M.S. as a contributor to the American Council on Exercise  (ACE), for this fine article, that may illuminate the fitness world.

Edward Troy, ACE certified personal trainer


Random Adventure Madness Event #1

Random Adventure Madness is a series of events I do not charge for, although some events we will be doing, do charge for participation. The first event this year is a classical cross country ski (yes skate skiers and snowshoes are welcome!) at 9 AM at the Basalt High School in Basalt Colorado. We will follow the Rio Grande Trail to the Woody Creek Tavern, where we will lunch and then head back. This is a multi-hour event. The whole idea is FINISHING, not racing. Only extreme weather will abort this mission. A few inches of snow should not be anything to cry about. A camelback (yes bring water, at least a liter) and some type of snacks to tide you over until lunch, is very highly recommended. The average person should have a calorie burn of around 2000 – 3500 calories depending on size, modality and how fast you go. 3500 calories is equivalent to one pound of quivering fat! Time to lose weight from holiday weight gain!

The Random Adventure Madness events will be very useful for those joining one of my personal trainer led color coded Tough Mudder teams, that will be in the September 6th Tough Mudder in Snowmass. We are the Anudder Mudder Puckers! For information on training or joining a team, email; anuddermudderpucker@gmail.com

Edward Troy