A very rare but helpful article on fitness from yahoo.


Far too many people get tricked into thinking the split routine is the epitome of modality toward fitness. If you have 10 to twelve hours per week to properly devote to a split routine, then go ahead, you will look like a body builder, but you could be much more fit, healthier and able to participate in a really athletic sport. Needless to say, most of you don’t have the time to devote to such a program, yet many are seduced by the look, and the omission¬†by trainers, of the need for the time commitment. If you are serious about weight loss and fitness and have time constraints, get a trainer who will train you accordingly.¬†

An excellent article. The sequence should be after your warm up;
1. Develop athletic skill sets specific to the sport(s) being done or planned for.
2. Speed (sprints, throws and plyometrics)
3. Power (olympic types of lifts and other ballistic loaded movements)
4. Strength (squats, deads, benches, pull ups pull downs and other compound exercises)
5. Time permitting, isolation exercises or cardio vascular exercise specific to the sport.
6. Yoga inspired stretching cool down.

2., 3., and 4. can all be done in 15 to 45 minutes at most.

I strongly disagree with “Dr. Rustle,” on isolation exercises, too much of that time wasting stuff will leave you with too little time to become athletic, to say nothing of being an athlete.

Edward Troy

personal trainer