“Fat Genes,” When They Matter


Being In Life

Being In Life;  When you are in the photos taken in a location like a summit or doing an activity like skiing double blacks that require an athletic skill set to get you there, you gave your self the safe option of saying yes to doing those things, instead of looking at some one else’s photos. You also said as you prepared, “I am going to be in life.” You are there to hike with family and friends who can hike, ski with those who can ski, play a hard game of pick up basketball with those much younger chronologically than many of us are now, show the youngsters what it looks like to weight lift a 215lb. bar from the floor and power clean and jerk it over head, say “yes” to a whitewater overnight adventure!!! You are healthy fit and vital. If you are a woman, the “men” around you may want to review their image of masculinity, when you light them up in competition and light up the room you walk in! Dancing an extra hour on the floor. You lose weight to be in life. Damn! You feel good and look even better!  Yes! That IS WHO YOU ARE!!! That is Being In Life! 

Edward Troy — Personal Trainer