“Fat Genes,” When They Matter


Prevent and slow down wrinkling, looking old!

Sugar has been linked to type 2 diabetes, hypertension, stroke, cancer, heart attacks, and more. We now add aging and wrinkling. For more check this out.


Edward Troy, personal trainer
Aspen, Colorado


A VIP Health and Fit Tip #1

Set Goals Not Limits! Setting goals for your fitness and athletic achievements, gives you the chance to find, test and expand your limits. Your limits will change over time with diet and exercise.


A VIP Health and Fit Tips

Here at Aspen V.I.P. International Personal Training, we are starting a new series of A VIP Health and Fit Tips. These fit tips will cover holistic diet, exercise, performance, weight loss and fitness. These fit tips will be interspersed with the activity oriented reports.  We hope you enjoy and actually put these fit tips to use on a consistent basis.