2015 Fitness Lists

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We Are Shifting Fitness From Exercise Modalities, To Sequencing Modalities To Fitness And Health!
The 2015 FIT LIST
What is hot
1. H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training)
2. Speed, Power and Strength
3. Speed, Agility and Quickness
4. Quick workouts (ten minutes is a warm up)
5. Training your body as one coordinated working marvel
6. Body weight and natural movements
7. Training like an athlete
8. Training for strength
9. Male Hormone Replacement Therapy
10. Tabata
11. Planet Fitness Pizza Nights and Bagel Breakfasts
12. “Paleo” diets (real paleo diets were opportunistic, not optimized)
13. American Ninja
14. Free running/Parkour

What Will Be Hot
1. V.H.I.I.T. (Very High Intensity Interval Training) Vee Hit
2. U.H.I.IT. (Ultra High Intensity Training) You Hit
3. You!

What is cold
1. Pilates
2. Loooooo-o-o-o-ng cardio workouts
3. Cold stretching
4. TRX
5. Training in Body parts
6. Sitting in Machines
7. Bodybuilding
8. Training for size
9. Female Hormone Replacement Therapy
10. Serious Big Box Gyms
11. Sugar

What deserves to be warmer
1. TRX
2. Yoga as the best cool down
3. Yoga as meditation
4. Serious Big Box Gyms
5. Long very low intensity cardio workouts once every week or two.
6. Sitting in machines for physical therapy
7. Training for bone density
8. Self defense exercises
9. Power per pound training
10. Pilates as methodology
11. Diets tuned to activity
12. Paleo like exercises
13. Growing your own food
13. Mindful food preparation
14. Mindful eating
15. Reasons for obesity
16. Multi-planar workouts

What deserves to be colder
1. Quick workouts (ten minutes is a warm up)
2. Pilates as a noveau religion
3. Tabata
4. Planet Fitness Pizza Nights and Bagel Breakfasts
5. Sitting in machines to exercise
6. Training for size
7. Sugar
8. Starch
9. Processed Industrial calories
10. Bikram “Yoga” (A composite product for western tastes)
11. Yoga as a calorie burner
12. Exercising tiny little muscles and parts as exercise
What should be extinct
1. Cold Stretching
2. Quick workouts (ten minutes is a warm up)
3. Bikram Yoga
4. Planet Fitness Pizza Nights and Bagel Breakfasts
5. Spot reduction
6. Added sugar (High fructose or not)
7. Industrial lab dyes for industrial calories
8. Quack diets
9. Carrageenan
10. Excuses for obesity
11. Staying in the sagittal plane for exercise (front and back)

What is holding steady
1. Yoga (yay!)
2. Fad diets (boo!)

Wishful Thinking
1. Desire to lose weight without sweating
2. Losing weight on a pizza diet

Pertinent Fitness Questions for 2015
1. How many calories does Yoga really burn?
2. What is optimal for interval training
3. What is beyond H.I.I.T.
4. Can energy systems be intervalised, through different exercise modalities
5. What are the most anabolic exercises
6. How many aggregate seconds at maximum intensity is optimal in a workout, per week, per month
Edward Troy

Holiday Eating Or Feeding?
Do you remember what you ate Thanksgiving? The average American consumed between 3000 and possibly more than 4500 calories, this last Thanksgiving (and on many days this holiday season, now add the alcohol!!). Sadly this may not be limited to just this day, have you looked around at your fellow Americans lately? The best strategy to avoid excessive consumption and not insult anyone who brought holiday food, is to take ONE bite, or a partial bite of all dishes, so you can say, “yes I tried your casserole.” This is the only way out of sticky holiday situations, regarding food, family, and friends, or don’t be there. Remember, most Americans are overweight, obese or morbidly obese. You have no right to expect them to understand your desire to put the brakes on feeding.
Selected January and February Activities

A Weight Off Your Shoulders KDNK

Scheduled Interview
February 3 4:30PM
Interview with Carrie Marsh
and Sam Ferguson of Komen Colorado
We will go over the changes at Komen, some of the athletic activities they run and how you can get invovlved.

Physical Adventure Activities
January 24 8AM Cross Country Ski (Track skiing) from Basalt High School to Woody Creek Tavern
Warning: this is an all day event. Prepare accordingly!


KDNK interview A Weight Off Your Shoulders

Tuesday, 4:30PM MST on KDNK, I interview fellow personal trainer Curtis Schwab. This can be streamed from http://www.KDNK.org, tune in! We will discuss;
Fitness trends; past, present and future
Fitness objectives for people decade by decade; teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond.
and last but not least, New Years Resolutions!
Edward Troy, Aspen VIP International

Fun Fitness Health Tip — Eating Breakfast


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Not eating breakfast is one of the best ways of making sure you gain weight. For those of you who are genuinely sincere about losing weight, eat breakfast and exercise

A Weight Off Your Shoulders

This a new radio show, debuting Thursday 1/31/2013 at 4:30PM MST on KDNK. All things fitness. Please call in at 970-963-2976. our first show will be about performance enhancing drugs. My guest will be Shawn Hunsberger, a personal trainer and gym owner.


14er Peak Push Endurance Challenges For The Speed And Power Athlete

For more training information go to http://www.aspenvipinternational.com

Edward Troy reporting; 7/21/2012, we started Peak Push, an informal gathering to hike up non technical 14ers in Colorado, and maybe some other local hikes and climbs up lesser peaks and passes. Peak Push is for a select group of people, active and inactive clients. The peak we hiked is La Plata, the 5th highest mountain in Colorado at 14336ft. I have already done the highest — Mt Elbert. This 4136ft. (total elevation gain is even higher) ascent took me 3 hours and ten minutes, carrying a 40 lb pack. I always carry enough water for 2 people — just in case. My friend, Scott, former coworker and now client who has incorporated speed training in his marathon and ultra endurance training, was easily able to outdistance me, as expected. He has knocked 22 minutes off his marathon time. Scott summited in 2:30. If I had taken a daypack with water for me only, I believe I could have taken 20 minutes off my time, but no more.

If you are a speed and power athlete or simply train for speed and power, do you have endurance athletes challenging your fitness levels? This happens in my line of work — I am a personal trainer. I don’t buy into the metabolic training modalities, because the lack of recovery prevents peaking efforts in the speed-power-strength continuum. My methods produce greater muscularity in mass and quality than either, metabolic training or straight steady state aerobic exercise, while making small sacrifices in aerobic abilities on per unit of mass basis. In some ways, absolute aerobic capacity may be even higher, due to greater muscle mass.

In the 5 mile Boogie race in Aspen I was able to sustain a heart rate in the mid160s for more than 35 minutes. 220 – 54 = 166. Wait! Isn’t that the maximum heart rate for my age? Not for a long time. All of my students after training with me are able to sustain heart rates above that old guideline; mine is currently in the mid 180s, matching the abilities of those in their twenties. For this much longer test, starting 2000ft higher in altitude and going more than 6000 ft higher, with greater mileage, I did not wear a heart rate monitor. After training with me, and with a heart rate monitor for a couple of months, my students and I can generally tell, from perceived exertion, where their heart rate is. I am sure my rate went into the 170s, out of necessity, but I kept it in the 150s most of the way. Scott was able to keep his far lower and he did wear a monitor. Scott and I now have a heart rate safety margin; through training we have raised our redlines. Scott is discovering hidden potential in his effort to become a really good endurance athlete, by adding maximum anaerobic effort to his already sufficient Long Slow Distance (LSD) training. I expect a break out year from Scott next year.

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