Planet Fitness Is No Place To Get Fit

Planet Fitness Is No Place To Get Fit.


Planet Fitness Is No Place To Get Fit

Will that be pepperoni or extra cheese? I imagine that could be a question for you at a Planet Fitness front desk. This seems as though this should be a joke, or some other form of humor, but is absolutely real. Planet Fitness has a great business model. This is not a suggestion that this model has a road to fitness in a Planet Fitness facility. In fact, as a hypothetical patron does get fit, raises their ability to work out, and their body begins to function normally, by sweating to stay cool, less clothing may actually be the answer to exercise stopping heat exhaustion. Clearly, pizza nights and bagel breakfasts, indicate a serious disdain for patrons health and fitness. Kicking people out because they have become fit enough to sweat, get hot and or learned how to synchronize their breathing to their efforts, should be offensive to anyone seriously trying to get fit, whether they are losing weight or not, as a part of their exercise plan.

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This is a business to be sure, but in no way can be construed as a business dedicated to health and fitness. The model does not preclude a pizza parlor (or other junk “food” outlet, I have extreme trouble calling pizza food) including occasional exercise. The otherwise inspiring television show, “Biggest Loser,” should be ashamed and embarrassed by the association. If a lack of fitness is the main reason your health is in trouble, then I suggest you get to a gym with professional personal trainers, other fitness professionals and policies conducive to improving your health. As a personal trainer, I find Planet Fitness, with it’s current policies, a disgrace to the concept of health and is no place to get fit. I can only hope Biggest Loser disabuses themselves of this association, as long as Planet Fitness has these policies.

Edward Troy, personal trainer


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Edward Troy