Random Adventure Madness Event #1

Random Adventure Madness is a series of events I do not charge for, although some events we will be doing, do charge for participation. The first event this year is a classical cross country ski (yes skate skiers and snowshoes are welcome!) at 9 AM at the Basalt High School in Basalt Colorado. We will follow the Rio Grande Trail to the Woody Creek Tavern, where we will lunch and then head back. This is a multi-hour event. The whole idea is FINISHING, not racing. Only extreme weather will abort this mission. A few inches of snow should not be anything to cry about. A camelback (yes bring water, at least a liter) and some type of snacks to tide you over until lunch, is very highly recommended. The average person should have a calorie burn of around 2000 – 3500 calories depending on size, modality and how fast you go. 3500 calories is equivalent to one pound of quivering fat! Time to lose weight from holiday weight gain!

The Random Adventure Madness events will be very useful for those joining one of my personal trainer led color coded Tough Mudder teams, that will be in the September 6th Tough Mudder in Snowmass. We are the Anudder Mudder Puckers! For information on training or joining a team, email; anuddermudderpucker@gmail.com

Edward Troy



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