New Year’s Resolutions

the New Year is upon us. Out with the old and in with the new, starting with a
new you, vibrant fit and healthy! A real fitness make over! Wait, didn’t you make a resolution just last
year? Here you are again, with a repetition of wishful thinking? Why? Could it
be that the calendar reminds you of something you sincerely wish you could
have? What happened last year? Did you prioritize other things and situations?
Yes you did. You compromised or endangered your health. Some people thought
they were saving money, not realizing their estates were going to pay for their
funerals. Some family members might say s(he) saved 6 or 7 thousand dollars by
not going to the gym. Hopefully, your life is worth more than that, and if so, avoiding an early checkout is in order.                                          

One thing I noticed, is those who get fit and lose weight, after being fat and out of shape, seem to experience something like an epiphany, a spiritual awakening, they prioritize fitness and health, above everything else. I suspect that most Fortune 500 executives time is more costly than most of my readers, yet most of them make time for exercise in one form or another.  Is anything more important than their health and fitness? Not at that time.                           

My most successful students and patients make resolutions associated with epiphanies. They take CEO command, and make fitness an integral part of their identity. The New Year might better serve as a reminder. So put on your new work out clothing and step out, you are acting on a decision, right at that time, that exercise became the most important thing to do and finish. If you don’t prioritize your fitness in this manner, you might as well get a magic lamp and wish away. Now get going! Get your personal trainer! Be In Life!

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