Integrated Full Body Athletic Movements

This is my system; IFBAM Integrated Full Body Athletic Movements. In a nutshell, movements and skills common to athletic sports are used to generate tremendous levels of conditioning. When you are in shape, you look great!  While body builders have nutrition and cutting fat nailed down, they are not athletic, just big, of course size can be useful, it is better to not have any useless weight. Vanity muscle still has to be carried around just like extra fat. If you have performance objectives, then carrying the muscle you need is what is important, with the cardio-vascular capacity to finish. Being as strong as possible does not mean being as big as possible. Being as strong as possible does not always translate into having the best performance possible. In short, combining the nutrition and fat cutting of the body builder, with athletic speed/power/agility movements will bring the best all around results for your genetics. 3 honest hours/week instead of the 12+/week the body builder uses to get inferior athletic results. Much better time management and results! You can do it! If any of you are interested in athletic adventures or weight loss let me know.

Edward Troy reminding you to BE IN LIFE!


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