Summer to Winter

This summer, at 55 very youthful years of seasoning, I was able to deliver outstanding results to my clients and to my self. My clients and patients realize and have learned; You don’t have to be “old,” it is a choice made daily, that becomes weeks, months, seasons, years and decades. We see a few fitness outliers — people too chronologically old to be doing what they do. We are amongst those chosen few, because it is we who made the choice. We chose perpetual youth, vitality and life in our living over aging, twinkies, vidiot games and keeping up with the Kardashians. We chose long hikes to reintegrate ourselves into nature as our genetics have always intended, long bike rides to share the nods of acknowledgment and friendly hellos, Warrior Dash to see our potential by jumping into a mass participation event (the client I went with has zero experience in running — zero and has a great chance of winning the women’s division next year! I might be able to win my age division.) power cleaning and jerking 215 lbs. for my new weightlifting PR, a girl doing pull ups at 31 and power cleaning and jerking two 40lb. dumb bells weighing only 115 lbs, sprinting a 36 second 200M, watching a discus sail away from finger tips as if on wings, the thud of an Olympic weight shot put, the heroic comeback of a  resurrected cancer patient, winning the battle for life and now at long last living — living with the reasonable expectations of tomorrows to come and alive in every moment. Your best is always good enough, even if you don’t make the team or win the game — for only you know if you could have done better, it is ok to apologize for not being better, but never should there be shame for doing your best. How was your summer? Are you now preparing for winter? Will you let the icy winds of winter chase you into the gym, or on the couch? Or will you stay outside, feel the sharp cold fill your lungs, ready for the snowy trail ahead? We will use the gym and be outdoors as much as we can, we must never forget; We are always at the mercy of weather. See you soon!


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