Fighting Sports require a skill set, it is important for judges to understand those skill sets. The judge, CJ Ross, one of three in the Mayweather/Alvarez fight, is woefully incompetent, unable to comprehend fighting sport skill sets. If and when you see the fight it will be clearly obvious, that Mayweather did not lose more than 2 rounds, if that.

Edward Troy


Periodization, Computer Print Out Or Seasonal?

After you have been training, and presumably with a purpose, you will need to periodize after a period of time, hence the name. But how do you do this? The old Soviets, sure people my age remember them — Cold War, the “Evil Empire” as described by President Ronald Reagan and the spectre of thermonuclear war, with ominous mushroom clouds raining radioactive fallout looming on the horizon, did give us in the athletic and fitness profession something absolutely wonderful — Periodization. This is how you train over long periods of time, with strategic breaks and shifts in volume and intensity, enabling you to get through performance plateaus and shatter glass ceilings, to do even better, whether your goal is to get in those skinny jeans by losing weight in a healthy manner, run faster, be ready for ski season or set new lifting PRs.

When you have one type or modality of exercise, you can expect linear progression, with reasonable precision. This is for the athlete, who sees them self as a specific type of athlete; a runner, weightlifter or a cyclist for examples. This is an identity issue for them. You ask them what do they do for exercise and they tell you, “I am a distance runner.” Regardless of the exercise, (I am not talking about shuffleboard, frisbee golf, darts and billiards, as these activities do not rise to the levels of exertion associated with exercise), over a period of time, your body will adjust to the prevailing intensity and volume of your exercise and your conditioning will go down. Before that happens, you should sharpen your efforts, and then cut way back, possibly to doing almost nothing for a few days. “Almost” doesn’t mean absolutely nothing. Then after a week, maybe even two weeks, you can increase the volume, or distance of whatever you were doing before. What happens during this down time is, a resetting of your glands, skeleton and organ systems. They lag behind cardio/pulmonary capacity or muscular strength. Computer print outs work well in single modality exercise programs, but can’t be “perfect,” except by accident. Chronic lack of sleep, recovery, holiday partying and the Standard American Diet (SAD) can derail the program, as can social environmental stress. Timing isn’t like a due date or an expiration date. Being aware of your biorhythms is critical. I no longer periodize by computer print out, any of my clients or myself.

Now what happens if you have multiple exercise modalities? Well in brief, this generally means a longer period of time before the need to periodize occurs. So if you are cycling, in a basketball rec. league and weight lifting and pushing yourself hard in all three, you can go longer between dips in intensity and volume, but you still must periodize, if you want to get better. When there are multiple exercise modalities, I choose seasonal periodization with faster speed power movements in the summer, and slower strength along with cardio/pulmonary movements in the winter time.

On specific days, a relatively warm winter day for example, you are not going to get your track spikes out for 100M sprints, but you might consider doing 400M to 800M runs or olympic lifts. On relatively cool summer days, when you might be regularly doing 100M sprints, you might shift to 300M to 400M sprints or a classic power lifting circuit.

Finally, I always ask how well did you sleep, what did you eat/drink, how about your stress? With the passage of time, I can tell along with seasonal changes when it is time to shift to doing less and sometimes doing something completely different. Remember, periodize before you begin a decline. The longer you push past the point of decline the more likely injuries (that’ll stop you!) will happen and you have to stop from overtraining.

At long last I can thank those Commies for something, if not their economics!

Edward Troy

Summer to Winter

This summer, at 55 very youthful years of seasoning, I was able to deliver outstanding results to my clients and to my self. My clients and patients realize and have learned; You don’t have to be “old,” it is a choice made daily, that becomes weeks, months, seasons, years and decades. We see a few fitness outliers — people too chronologically old to be doing what they do. We are amongst those chosen few, because it is we who made the choice. We chose perpetual youth, vitality and life in our living over aging, twinkies, vidiot games and keeping up with the Kardashians. We chose long hikes to reintegrate ourselves into nature as our genetics have always intended, long bike rides to share the nods of acknowledgment and friendly hellos, Warrior Dash to see our potential by jumping into a mass participation event (the client I went with has zero experience in running — zero and has a great chance of winning the women’s division next year! I might be able to win my age division.) power cleaning and jerking 215 lbs. for my new weightlifting PR, a girl doing pull ups at 31 and power cleaning and jerking two 40lb. dumb bells weighing only 115 lbs, sprinting a 36 second 200M, watching a discus sail away from finger tips as if on wings, the thud of an Olympic weight shot put, the heroic comeback of a  resurrected cancer patient, winning the battle for life and now at long last living — living with the reasonable expectations of tomorrows to come and alive in every moment. Your best is always good enough, even if you don’t make the team or win the game — for only you know if you could have done better, it is ok to apologize for not being better, but never should there be shame for doing your best. How was your summer? Are you now preparing for winter? Will you let the icy winds of winter chase you into the gym, or on the couch? Or will you stay outside, feel the sharp cold fill your lungs, ready for the snowy trail ahead? We will use the gym and be outdoors as much as we can, we must never forget; We are always at the mercy of weather. See you soon!


Your Health Misdirected to Weight Loss

As a personal trainer in the Aspen CO area, I am not shocked to read this type of article; one that begins by attacking exercise as a part of weight loss, diet being 4 times as important (80% vs 20%). Just go to your kitchen and do the latest “I refuse to exercise diet plan”…. So here are the results the good doctor is crowing about;

<Compliance was incredible – only seven study dropouts – and over the course of the year, men averaged 6.16 hours of weekly exercise, and women, 4.9 hours. So did the 320 hours of exercise for the men and the 254 hours for the women lead to weight loss? Yes, but probably less than you might have guessed. Men lost, on average, 3.5 pounds, and women, 2.6. That translates to 91.5 hours of exercise per pound lost.>

I am not saying that everyone can understand this, but what were the qualitative changes in these sample pools? I am not interested in some BMI nonsense, I am interested in body composition. What were the resulting changes in body composition, strength, agility, how many medications from “big pharma,” were eliminated or reduced, how about VO2, cholesterol, triglycerides? How many reversed and eliminated type 2 diabetes…. those are the types of questions that actually address the important issue of health.

Weight loss as an end can be easily achieved through amputations, a stupid notion, unless the limb is gangrenous. Losing muscle mass is yet another way to lose weight, and become even less healthy, as casual glance at many cigarette smokers, crack heads and meth pipe heads will reveal this to be true.

The “take away” from my comments is; simple minded discussions and “news,” about weight loss, isn’t necessarily synonymous with good health or improving your health. These blogs, bits of “news” are themselves dangerous to your health, because weight loss is treated as an end, not as part of the means to the end — your good health. Don’t be fooled by this kind of crap.


The Future of Living; Life After Cancer

At 4:30PM MDT, on KDNK, Carbondale.Spencer Cleveland will discuss his rise from being told he was “not going to make it,” because of an aggressive metastasized testicular cancer, to having a bright future. He will go over his drive to be come fit, give back one of the games he loves (soccer) as a coach to young people, and most importantly, become an inspiration to all, on how to live life. Stay tuned to this afternoon for this amazing story about life. Yes, this show will be a call in live show, but will be archived. Call in 970-963-2976 with your questions for Spencer Cleveland.