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Slamming BMI and foolish one size fits all calorie diets


This is my response to pablum that includes one size fits all calorie diets and things in “fitness” that include BMI as a “helping tool.” BMI is rubbish, when it comes down to the math. If you are serious about fitness and /or weight loss then NEVER subscribe to one size fits all calorie diets or BMI. Insurance companies use BMI, and when have they ever been your friends?

<1500 calories? Without even seeing the person(s). Why not throw out 1200 or 2000? This cute nonsense undermines the ability of fitness/health professionals, to get people healthy and fit. The defense for using a BMI calculator is the same for those citing a flat earth as a danger to those who might fall off the “precipice,” 500 years ago. Information only requires only one person to organize it to eliminate ignorance. @Hogan etc., drop BMI for body composition. Aspenvipinternational.>