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Feed Your Brain Nutrients So You Don’t Fatten Your Body

The nutrients your brain needs are often more important than the gross or total amount of calories. If we take a look at why this is often true, and how one influences the other, then you might see a clear path towards an effective dietary plan as part of weight loss and general fitness. Here we go.

Your brain is something more than a central processing unit. Your brain is ALIVE. Your brain needs nutrients, vitamins, minerals and plenty of oxygenated blood for all the thinking it has to do, including what to do about your eating, after you finish reading this. Your brain will command your body to do whatever it takes to get enough essential nutrients it needs. If you choose wisely, you might not eat very much, on the other hand with a bad decision you might need a shovel. The choices could mean the difference between 1200 to 2500 calories all day, or 1200 to 2500 calories or more per meal!

Eating huge amounts of calories is ok, if you are training for a triathlon or trekking the Himalayas. Are you training for something along those lines right now, I didn’t think so. Losing weight isn’t only about cutting calories; it is about what calories you eat and reasonable varied and challenging exercise.

If you divide food into two different general types, this may help. One general type I just call “food.” The other type I call “junk.” Junk is something sold as “food,” but is really processed food product many people buy, even some vegetarians. Food product is full of sugars, which are usually turned into fat, rancid and hydrogenated/transfats, blood pressure raising salt, bleached white flour – really, industrial grade flour, sometimes all in the same product! Substances straight from the lab are frequently included, especially bizarre colors. It might even be irradiated or a dead unnatural organism, genetically modified.

Food is something you recognize immediately, as something that grew out of the ground, walked, flew or swam, or came from such creatures. Naturally, it can’t be genetically modified. There is no mistaking broccoli, mangos, eggs, or even a fillet mignon as food. If you eat these foods and other foods like them, your brain will get information that will allow it to formulate the signals necessary to shutdown the desire to eat. Losing weight is a lot easier when you only want to eat small amounts instead of shoveling multi thousand calorie meals.

To help stay fit, trim and healthy, fill up on high-fiber, nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, grains, and lean sources of protein. This will help you avoid overloading on empty calories later, when you’re starving. Your brain and body will be well fed, without the junk that will eliminate your neck and waist, gunk your arteries and even damage your brain. Be sure to eat something green everyday.

Fun Fitness Health Tip — Eating Breakfast


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Not eating breakfast is one of the best ways of making sure you gain weight. For those of you who are genuinely sincere about losing weight, eat breakfast and exercise

Fun Fitness Health Tip — Eating Breakfast

As a personal trainer, and as someone who has competed athletically, I realize that one of the reasons people don’t get fit is that without some calories especially breakfast, they don’t have the energy to exercise and their bodies go into fat preserving famine mode.

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Fun Fitness Health Tips

Anyone getting started with a weight loss or an exercise program, check this out.

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