A VIP Health and Fit Tip #1

Set Goals Not Limits! Setting goals for your fitness and athletic achievements, gives you the chance to find, test and expand your limits. Your limits will change over time with diet and exercise.



A VIP Health and Fit Tips

Here at Aspen V.I.P. International Personal Training, we are starting a new series of A VIP Health and Fit Tips. These fit tips will cover holistic diet, exercise, performance, weight loss and fitness. These fit tips will be interspersed with the activity oriented reports.  We hope you enjoy and actually put these fit tips to use on a consistent basis. 


Mt Elbert and throwing — huh?

You did read that correctly, but throwing what? Well this week I will be and have with one of my clients been throwing the discus and shot put. The sixteen years since I last threw have shown a decline in forms that were questionable in the first place. I am just now getting the discus spin down, still in the bucket to some degree, slow and somewhat unsure in movement and erratic in release. Yet, completely unrelated as far as training modalities are concerned, Mt. Elbert will be climbed, after watching the start of the Leadville 100. We plan to be down in time to see the leaders at the 40 mile mark — with only another 60 miles to run.

Do you have a trainer that can work comfortably in several areas of athletic discipline? If your individual needs are diverse, does your trainer cover them? Your trainer should whenever possible, train themselves too. So that discus will fly this week and Mt. Elbert will be climbed. On the summit, we will take photos and movies of the previously climbed LaPlata Peak.