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Edward Troy reporting; 7/21/2012, we started Peak Push, an informal gathering to hike up non technical 14ers in Colorado, and maybe some other local hikes and climbs up lesser peaks and passes. Peak Push is for a select group of people, active and inactive clients. The peak we hiked is La Plata, the 5th highest mountain in Colorado at 14336ft. I have already done the highest — Mt Elbert. This 4136ft. (total elevation gain is even higher) ascent took me 3 hours and ten minutes, carrying a 40 lb pack. I always carry enough water for 2 people — just in case. My friend, Scott, former coworker and now client who has incorporated speed training in his marathon and ultra endurance training, was easily able to outdistance me, as expected. He has knocked 22 minutes off his marathon time. Scott summited in 2:30. If I had taken a daypack with water for me only, I believe I could have taken 20 minutes off my time, but no more.


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