2 Days After 5th Highest Colorado Mountain Ascent:

So at age 54 and weight ranging from 200 to 205 lbs., it was time to train with some of my clients. I want them to see that they can be more fit than me, when they get to be my age. We did some heavy bag training to warm up, did a few sprints and some power clean and jerks. I managed to to do six repetitions at 155 and three at 175. I did notice that my legs while sprinting felt dead or leaden — so I did not open up. I did form running at about 70% of maximum effort. My benching was very disappointing about 12.5% lower than my max. I could only do 205 once. Oddly the effects of the Peak Push up La Plata Peak (14336 ft.) a 14er, left me with power, but not much speed or maximal strength. Different muscle fibers do different things. So within the spectrum of speed-power-strength, there might be  slight qualitative differences in the fibers that are responsible for those actions, all still are type IIb (using the older and much more familiar muscle fiber classification system; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skeletal_muscle) quick twitch muscle fibers (new classification is IIx, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skeletal_muscle. Today there will be more sprints and lifting. The soreness is mostly gone. My question as a personal trainer is how can I increase contractile speed of my muscle mass. The obvious answer is selective and specific training of the correct muscle fibers and the correct muscle groups to do what I want to do.


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