T3 training responding to endurance challenges

Recently, my training methods were challenged, with the assumption that one can’t train for speed and power and perform reasonably well, or finish endurance oriented events. I freely admit, that at age 54 and weighing 200 – 205, I am not a world beater, when it comes to endurance oriented events. But don’t take me or those that I train lightly, when it comes down to your endurance oriented events. I use sprints up to 200 meters, power clean and jerks, and heavy bag training, as the core of my training. My T3 training allows even my endurance athletes to improve their performances, because we push heart rates up very high – where training benefits begin. In the Boogie 5 mile race in Aspen Colorado altitude 8214 ft., I managed a 44:14, placing me in the top 20% without running more than 800 meters this year and not running, including sprinting, on average, more than once a week.

It is highly unlikely, that any finishers of this race in front of me, are able to power clean and jerk 175 four times,135 fifteen times and sprint a 200 in under 30 seconds. It is almost certain that very few behind me can do that either. For more insight and information go to http://www.aspenvipinternational.com.


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